Take your BIGFISH Paddleboard with you on vacation...

Just received this note from one our customers:

"Our family bought 2 BIGFISH paddle boards in different sizes to use and store on our power-cat in the British Virgin Islands. They were perfect for our trip because we were able to pack them into bags and check them for the flights. They were lightweight enough that traveling with them was extremely convenient and easy. There is no way we would be able to transport any other type of paddle board. Additionally, after a week of use, we were able to deflate them and store them in the captain's closet on our boat. Our family enjoyed using them every day both for going ashore as well as just paddling around. We had so much fun seeing who had the best balance skills and using them for snorkeling. They are very durable and you cannot tell that they are inflatable. They have been a great investment and we look forward to using them on all of our trips in the future. "



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