Nautical Talk Radio 2015 Transcript

BIGFISH inflatable stand up paddleboard: durable, stable, portable.

BIGFISH Interview on Nautical Talk Radio, Transcript September 21, 2015

Capt. Lou: I'm speaking to a friend of min Dick Allen. He's the founder of BIGFISH Paddleboards.They're inflatable?

D. Allen: Yes Lou, they're inflatable! The are one of the fastest growing segments of the paddle boarding industry now. 

Capt. Lou: I see a lot of people on these stand up paddle boards. I see them in Plymouth, Marshfield, Nantasket Beach. How does one get a BIGFISH Paddle board?

D. Allen: We sell primarily at the big shows and we also sell online at The fastest-growing segment, as a said, is inflatables, and the reason for inflatables is durability and portability. With an inflatable if you run into something, if you hit a dock or a rock you're going to bounce off of it. If you do that with a fiberglass board you're going to crack the board and then water infiltrates the board and the next think you know your 35 pound board weighs 45 pounds.

Capt. Lou: This is great for boat owners who don't want to damage their fiberglass, their gel coat.

D. Allen: Yes, the stowablity of this is is fantastic. You can put this ih the v birth you can put it in another birth or stow it down below anywhere. You can't do that with a fiberglass board.

Capt. Lou: Did you stay up all night inventing this?

D. Allen: It took about a year of research. we took a look at everything that was on the market then we came up with what we wanted it to be put together and the sizes that we wanted and everything else. It's been a good experience.

Capt. Lou: What are the sizes? How big are these boards?

D. Allen: We offer 2 boards, Lou. a 10 ft 2 in board and an 11 foot board. Both boards are 32 inches wide and 6 inches think. Then we inflate them to 15 psi to get that rigidity.

Capt. Lou: So it's actually a misnomer calling it a board, because it's inflatable.

D. Allen: Exactly.

Capt. Lou: What about keel or fins?

D. Allen: Wwe have tri-fin configuration, we have 2 fixed and 1 removable. We give you 2 different removable fins, one for shallow paddling and 1 for deep water.  

Capt. Lou: For anyone using this board on Cape Cod - I'm going to put you on the spot so tell me the truth - are they shark-resistant?

D. Allen: I don't think anything is shark-resistant.... We have a lot of information on the site. You can figure out why you would want to buy an inflatable board and the features of BIGFISH inflatables and I think it's an educational site as well for people that want to find out about inflatables.