Here's what you get when you buy a BIGFISH stand up paddleboard:

Portable SUP: When deflated your board will roll up like sleeping bag approximately 33” long by 12” round. It includes a strap to secure it in position.

Knapsack: The knapsack provided is 40 ft. long and big enough to store all of your contents when traveling.

Pump: The pump is a high pressure, high volume pump with a 21.8 psi pressure gauge.

Paddle: The paddle is a 3 section adjustable paddle that can fit any size paddler.

Fins: There are 2 removable fins for both shallow and deep water paddling. (9” and 4.15”) with fastening screw.

Bungee Cord: The bungee cord can be installed in front of the deck pad to secure cargo.

Owner's Manual: Printed version included. Online version here.