BIGFISH iSUP Owner's Manual

BIGFISH ISUPs are easy to carry, easy to assemble and easy to inflate.


Congratulations! You are on your way to Fun Fitness and Adventure with you new BIGFISH Paddleboard. Here's some essential information to help you get started.

Inflating Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (ISUP)

  1. Remove the strap and roll out your board on a flat non-abrasive surface.
  2. Open the valve cover by turning it counter clockwise and turn the valve stem counter clockwise until it is in the UP position.
  3. Attach the hose of the pump to the valve by pushing it down firmly and turning it clockwise.
  4. Start pumping, taking long strokes. The longer the stroke the less number of strokes. Once you reach 10 psi (approx.150 strokes) you will need to take much shorter strokes to inflate to full 14-15 psi. You can shorten this process by using a small vacuum pump to inflate to 8 psi and then complete with high pressure hand pump.
  5. Detach pump hose turning it counter clockwise and remove. Replace valve cover turning it clockwise

Deflating your ISUP

  1. Open the valve cover and gently press down on the valve stem for 5 seconds.
  2. Press the valve stem down and turn it clockwise so it stays in the down position. Let board deflate for 2 minutes.
  3. Remove the center fin by unscrewing the fastener and slide the fin out of the fin box.
  4. Roll up the board starting from the nose toward the tail.
  5. Roll the board tight enough so it ends up about 12-14” in diameter. Apply the strap.

Note: Extreme hot or cold temperatures will cause expansion and contraction of normal psi. We recommend a maximum inflation of 15psi for best performance.

How to use Your ISUP

Unlike many new sports, Stand Up Padldleboarding can be mastered in a very short period of time. A few tips to review.

  1.  Before you start, adjust your paddle so it is 8-10” above your head when touching the ground.
  2. Mount the paddleboard by kneeling on the deck pad just in front of the carrying strap, shoulder width apart. (Paddle should be placed in front of you with blade up towards the nose).
  3. When comfortably balanced, raise the paddle, placing one hand over the top and the other hand about two feet down the shaft.( the blade of the paddle should point up).
  4. Proceed to paddle on your knees until comfortable.
  5. When ready to stand, place paddle back in front of you and stand up slowly. (be sure you are away from anything you could hit your head on if you fell)
  6. Retrieve paddle and proceed with knees slightly bent under shoulders, back straight, and look straight ahead, not down at your feet.
  7. To turn to the left make a wide sweep of the paddle on the right or drag the paddle from the tail on the left.
  8. To turn to the right make a wide sweep of the paddle on the left or drag the paddle from the tail on the right

Caring For Your ISUP

Your BigFish paddleboard will provide years of enjoyment providing you take care of it properly. Please read the following tips to insure proper care.

  1. Do not drag your board on rough surfaces to prevent scratches and abrasion of material.
  2. Do not stand on your board on hard surfaces to prevent damage to fins.
  3. Rinse board periodically to remove sand, salt, dirt
  4. Clean your board with non-abrasive cleaner and allow it to dry before storing it in the knapsack.
  5. If storing board when inflated, raise it off the floor a few inches to avoid fin damage
  6. Your board is made of a strong pvc material that is resistant to strong ultra violet rays however we suggest you store your board in a clean dry environment when leaving for long periods of time.

Repairing Your ISUP

Your BigFish paddleboard is made with a military grade pvc much like that of inflatable boats. It is rare that you should experience a leak unless it is struck by an extremely sharp object with great force. If you detect a leak review the following steps.

  1. Spray the area of concern with soapy water to detect bubbling, which would indicate a leak.
  2. Dry the surface completely before applying glue.
  3. Spread glue on both patch and effected area evenly and allow to set up for 3-4 minutes before applying patch
  4. Apply patch and leave a five pound object on top of the patch overnight.
  5. Apply additional glue (not excessive) around edge of patch and allow to dry.
  6. Should you detect a leak with the valve itself BigFish can supply a replacement valve that is easily installed with the valve wrench included in the repair kit.


BIGFISH Paddleboards is committed to providing a high quality product that is free of manufacturing defects. Your BigFish Paddleboard comes with a full 2 year warranty against any delamination of seams, delamination of deck pad or leaking valves. Normal wear and tear or abusive treatment of your board is not covered by warranty. Future discoloration due to ultra violet rays or abrasive chemical cleaners is not covered by warranty